Body and Felt Sense

The word 'body' is used often today in meditation instruction, in somatic therapies, in embodiment practices and the like. Does that mean the physio-chemical state of the body's tissues? a mental imaging of the body's location in space? being aware of the sensations? of aversion/grasping or of emotion?

In this article, I will propose some definitions of "body" and "felt sense" as it relates to the Focusing process, and these may extend to various degrees into the fields of meditation, somatic therapy, and embodiment practices like yoga or Qi Gong.

"Body" means the felt knowingness accessible through the feeling body.

"Felt Sense" is that expression of knowingness which is just now emerging.

"Focusing" is a way to dialogue with the Felt Sense and let it (the whole you) 'carry forward' in your living, usually around some selected issue and usually assisted by a companion. It is a particular and mediated kind of mindfulness.