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Focusing and Climate Change

Climate change is now the climate crisis. We are also facing related ecological crises of species extinction, habitat destruction, or pollution. As the forecasts and current impacts worsen, many agree that sustained corrective action is crucial. And yet, many of us are not sure how to respond. Through Focusing, we can listen to our bodily wisdom of why we might be stuck and learn what bigger role we'd like to play.

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Local Meetup Boulder - Emergent Village

Emergent Village is a vision for the practice of Emergent Dialogue, ultimately within a community of interdependence or daily sangha. Because the language and institutions of our culture are so deeply rooted in a Story of Separation, we need daily community and interdependence in order to shift how we see ourselves and the world to one of inter-being. Most of us can't do this alone. Coming back to our interconnectedness is a requirement for sustainability and social justice.

In this meetup, we 'flip' our perception and speaking, from the usual one of Evaluation to one of Emergence. In emergent dialogue, the felt meaning is kept primary while strategies and political theories are allowed but kept secondary.

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Crossing the Work-That-Reconnects" with Focusing

A brief overview of the work of Joanna Macy will be presented, including a brief experience of the Great Spiral process. Group process will be followed by a Focusing exploration in breakout sessions of 2-3 people. A group share will harvest crossings. Experienced Focusers would benefit by exposure to the Great Unraveling as a theme or issue, and those who are more WTR-centric might find that Focusing deepens and sustains their 'Work'.

Past Events