FOCUSING for Therapists and Healing Professionals


Being Present and Empathic is probably the most important skill a therapist can offer their client. Presence and Empathy are activities, not states! Focusing teaches several skills of presence and empathy.

  • Discover and develop additional skills to help your clients move forward
  • Get support for yourself, to companion your own inner process
Carl Rogers

"At all times there is going on ... a flow of experiencings to which the individual can turn again and again as a reference in order to discover the meaning of what he[/she] is experiencing. Empathy points [him/her] sensitively to the felt meaning which the client is experiencing ... in order to help him/her focus on that meaning and to carry it further to its full and uninhibited experiencing."
(at the 10 minute point)

CARL ROGERS, 1974, on Eugene Gendlin


Explore what Focusing might bring to your psychotherapt practice through introductory sessions and discussion with Frank. Although I am not a therapist, I have a 'therapist's mind', and can help you explore how Focusing might assist you:

  • Identify your GOALS
  • Lightly guiding you through several 1-hour SESSIONS ... over the telephone so you can experience the roles of Focusing and Companion until you recognize the Focusing process and how it might dovetail into your client sessions.
  • Suggest next steps, other RESOURCES, other professionals
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