Impressions From My Weeklong Experience in Chile

Shared values, diversity, and service

Being in a community of shared values, the warmth of late night poetry around a fire, and needs met for belonging and learning - this is my overall impression of the Weeklong. I applied for a scholarship in order to find next steps on my Focusing path, to reconnect with 'my tribe', and to complete the Certification process. (The last major gathering I attended was the 2011 International in Monterey, California.) The Weeklong left me feeling nourished and excited by a greater awareness of the experiential and philosophical scope of Focusing. There's a renewal of personal passion and confidence to continue developing and sharing forms of contemplative communication that are based on Focusing. I want to share with you three particular impressions to give you a sense of my experience.

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Body and Felt Sense

The word 'body' is used often today in meditation instruction, in somatic therapies, in embodiment practices and the like. Does that mean the physio-chemical state of the body's tissues? a mental imaging of the body's location in space? being aware of the sensations? of aversion/grasping or of emotion?

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