Emergent Dialogue & Focusing

Self - for difficult decisions, procrastination, self-empathy, mindfulness.

Relationships - for emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, sovereignty.

Group Processes - to generate Aliveness, mutual creativity, and connection.
Emergent Dialogue


Self - To liberate innocence, sovereignty, wisdom
Relationship - To liberate clarity and generosity
Groups - To liberate paradigm-busting creativity


Emergent Dialogue (Em-D) is an embodied exploration with self, other, or within a group, using principles and practices derived from Focusing, Nonviolent Communication, and the Way of Council. Life is trying to tell us all the time what IT deeply desires for us, through our sensations and emotions, but we have to know how to listen underneath the feelings for the meaning. Having a guide, or peer-partner, to listen skillfully and nonjudgementally is very helpful, often essential. This work is about developing emotional intelligence, embodiment, finding the right next steps in your living, and making sense of things.

Emergent Group process might look like this -

Emergent Group Process